Representación Aduanera y Asesoría de Comercio Exterior

Since our establishment in 1995 we knew that in order to provide a personalized service, we needed to offer more. Therefore , we offer customers a legally-designated "A-Type" bonded warehouse, so we can monitor your cargo, cutting out any middle-man.

We are the first Forwarder agent in our comunity to be authorised like "AEO " ( Authorised Economic Operator ), in their maximum level, allowing that status to engage all our customers the benefits that report to us.  

We currently offer:

  • IMPORT and EXPORT Customs clearance, via "EDI Net System" while the load remains on the premises.
  • INTRASTAT declarations.
  • Restitutions.
  • Administrative authorizations, quantitative quotas, Dovis, etc.
  • Custom services, liaison with foreign Ministries of Health, Soivre, phytosanitary, pharmacy, etc.
  • International Freight Consultancy.
  • Liaison with the Chamber of Commerce.