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Custom Service

We are specialists in customs, we offer a professional and personalized service.

At AAS we want to be your global customs representative, we want share with you the advantages offered by our Centralized Customs Office in our city Zaragoza, presenting the dispatches here, without having to move the cargoes from the Customs area in which they are located. In this way, you always maintain the best level of service and you get control of all your operations in a centralized way, with the advantage of not having to authorize a different agent, depending on the carrier or courier that manages the transports.

We want to be your agent in all the procedures you may require, always trying to provide the maximum added value to our service.

We can do any form of Customs Clearance that you need, we look for the best options for your cargo and we make it easy. We have in our facilities all the customs figures: LAME, ADT, DAP, DDA and we choose for you the best option for your Customs clearances, since we can choose to dispatch the loads in the customs area where they are, or we can bring them home, to avoid storage costs and / or provide agility in inspections. We manage your shipments to Free Practice, in the EU country that best suits your needs. We carry out any requested service (Quality, Health, Veterinary, Phytosanitary, etc ..) At AAS we find the best solution for your needs on the market.